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One great thing about living in Alabama is you don't have to go far to get lost! This year, on the day of the Iron Bowl, I traveled to Hamburg, Alabama to meet The Lee Family! Living only one hour away, I have to admit I didn't even realize Hamburg existed! As I drove through the backroads on the overcast morning, I enjoyed the freshly harvested cotton fields, squirrels playing in the road and downtown Selma. I married my Husband in Selma almost seven years ago and have only passed through Selma maybe one time during those seven years so it was fun to see what the historical downtown looked like, which was the same as several years ago. The Sturdivant Hall was our venue so I made sure to scope it out before heading home. Still beautiful!

As I made my way into Hamburg, which is a small rural area abut five miles south of Marion, I found myself stopping and snapping pictures of other places in the area. The land was so natural and quiet. It was well kept without looking like it was trying too hard. It was simple but in such a good way.

The pictures you are about to see are photos taken from the road. You can't just stop on the side of the road to snap photos just anywhere but when you find a piece of the world where you are the only person around, you take advantage of it, so that's what I did.

Beautiful, right?

I made it to Breezy Point Farm and to my surprise, it was just as beautiful! And again, it was so quiet! No traffic, at all! Not even an occasional car passing by. Nothing! In the middle of the farm, was a beautiful white home with a red front door. As I pulled in, I saw several grandchildren running around and playing on the front steps. It was one of those homes filled full of people who make you feel like part of the family. It's a warm, loving, heartfelt feeling, and this family has never met me before! We only connected via email and now I feel like family! To say they were wonderful is an understatement! They were absolutely PERFECT!

As I photographed their family portraits, I also snapped photos of their farm, horses, flowers and plants!

Welcome to Breezy Point Farm!

Mr. and Mrs. Lee has four children and ten grandchildren. What a blessing! I could instantly tell Mr. Parks and Mrs. Ann loved their family with every ounces of their souls. They were the grandparents you wanted to always be around! Here are those photos!

And let's don't forget the dogs! They are part of the family too! This sweet angel made me throw her stick in between most of the family shots! She was also caught in action! Look at her face, so full of concentration!

We also fed the horses one of their favorite snacks...carrots! I love these candid shots so much! I even caught a few of the kids eating the carrots! I love the relationship all of the children have with one another. They are cousins who love each other like siblings! What a beautiful relationship to cherish!

Thank you, Lee Family, for allowing me to be a part of your family portraits! I enjoyed spending the morning with you all! It was an honor to meet you!

xo, Anna


Photography: Anna Findley Photography

Breezy Point Farm: About Breezy Point Farm

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