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Connor Lane Roebuck

January 7, 2020 | 5:45AM | 7 pounds | 1 ounce | 19.5 inches

Baptist East Hospital | Montgomery, Alabama

This morning started off with me running what seemed like a marathon before the sun came up. I kept in touch with Stephanie and Brent throughout the night. With little to no change, I just stayed tuck away in bed just waiting for the phone to ring. This would be a good time to say Stephanie and I have been best friends for twelve years...or maybe thirteen? I don't know.. but it all started our junior year of high school. I'm so honored to be present for this moment and all the moments before this and, of course, all the moments in the future!

At 3:39am, I received a text message from Stephanie saying she was still at 2cm and she was waiting to be checked again. A short thirty minutes later...BOOM! Just like that, I get another message and it says "I just jumped to an 8!! Are you on your way??" I have always been told that before you get out of bed, you are suppose to sit up on the side of the bed and let your mind get focused before standing. I had no time to even think -much less sit and "get focused" on anything at all! I just threw the covers back, jumped up and took off running! Thankfully, I was prepared that something like this may happen! It's better to be overprepared than under!

I was about 10 minutes away from the hospital when I got a call from the nervous and excited Dad, Brent, asking me where I was. All I could say was I'm on my way!! I'm ten minutes out!! At this point, Stephanie went from 8cm to 10cm and NOW, it was game time!! I was simply praying for two things at this time: #1. Stephanie would hang in there for just a few more minutes...just long enough for me to get there! And #2. I didn't get a speeding ticket. (Hey....this is not the time to judge me. I did what I needed to do!)

By the time I made it through the check-in on the first floor, I found out I missed the actual birth by five minutes. B U M M E R!! -I tried my absolute best! I made it into the labor and delivery room #4 just in time to get the footprint photos! I knew this was one memory Stephanie really wanted so without saying hello to anyone, I just went to work making sure I didn't miss anothing picture perfect moment.

The moment Stephanie and Brent held Connor for the first time, it was magical! Connor went from screaming to a sense of comfort. It's always nice to see a brand new baby laying so peacefully in the arms of their new parents.

Shortly after Stephanie's Dad joined us in the room, it was time to take Connor to the nursery. He wasn't ready to give up his new grandson, so he kept begging the nurse, Holly, to come back later. He kept asking her, "Don't you have somewhere else to be??" It was a funny moment that left the room full of people laughing, including me!

Big brother, Bryant, was so excited!! The first time he laid eyes on Connor, he was IN LOVE! It was written all over his smiling face! The joy and love he showed was enough to make anyone's heart melt. In the hallway, he was asked how he felt about his baby brother. He replied with "He's perrrrrffffeeeecccccttt!!"

...I'll give you a second to go grab a tissue!

……….…better? Okay! Here you go! Pictures to prove how cute this moment was!

Sweet Connor Lane Roebuck was born on January 7, 2020 at 5:45am. Dr. Lowhan at Baptist East Hospital did a wonderful job bringing this beautiful baby into the world. Connor Lane weighed in at 7 pounds, 1 ounce and was 19.5 long....what I would call a healthy, happy and blessed baby boy!

Thank you, Stephanie, Brent & Bryant for allowing me to be part of Connor's birth story! I hate I missed the actual birth but I'm so thrilled to have captured these sweet memories....memories I hope you cherish forever. Congratulations on your sweet bundle of joy!


Photographer: Anna Findley

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