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I can't imagine giving birth during a pandemic, especially as a first-time parent. It's emotional already but then to not be able to share that experience with your loved ones? That's heartbreaking and not the experience anyone would choose to have. After all, this joyous occasion should be shared with your closet friends and family! But, if we look past the sad part, we will see the BEST part of this...

a fresh, new, healthy baby, who was so worth the wait!

On August 31, 2020, Ryan and Amy's parents prayed over this couple as they made their way to the hospital to welcome their sweet baby girl. Scared and excited, they welcomed their bundle of joy at 9:08am.


Tinsleigh James Salter

Tinsleigh James weighed 6 pounds, 12 ounces and was 20 inches long. Shortly after having Tinsleigh, Ryan and Amy celebrated their second wedding anniversary, which was on the day these beautiful photos were taken. With Tinsleigh being born at 9:08am and their wedding anniversary being on 9-8-18, it's evident these numbers will be very memorable in their journey as a family of three!



On Tuesday, I met the Salters and photographed Tinsleigh for the first time. She was beautiful! My heart melted as soon as I laid eyes on her dark brown hair. She was awake for the entire first part of the session and she kept her mouth open giving us a good look at those beautiful lips and button nose. She smelled just like you would imagine a sweet baby would smell, so soft with a hint of angel.

Welcome to the world, Tinsleigh James. You are already so loved. I look forward to capturing your first smile, your first steps and your birthdays for years to come. Congratulations, Ryan & Amy! You two are so blessed!

Love, your photographer.




Photography: Anna Findley Photography

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