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It all started in 2010 in Birmingham, Alabama. I started working in a beautiful restaurant, where I met my manager, my Groom, Ira. I already had a friendship with the entire Tucker family at this time but who knew years later, we would be standing on a gorgeous private beach in Gulf Shores, Alabama watching these two tie the knot officially! It's true what people say, we can't predict the future but it's always a sweet ride! I've loved the Tucker family for so long and meeting the Fannin Family was such a treat! It was almost hard to keep each side separate because they all blended so well! I would often forget which person belonged on which side! This wasn't abnormal though! I felt like family the entire time! I would have been happy just being a guest but so honored and thrilled to have had to the chance to photograph their day!

Brandi and Ira were scheduled to get married on April 25, 2020 but Covid-19 changed those plans. Instead, they went ahead and made their marriage official while we waited for this day to celebrate with them as a group and it was so worth the wait! This large ten bedroom beach house sat on the west side of Gulf Shores and housed most of the wedding party and guest. Though it was late May, the weather was absolutely perfect. There was no cloud in the sky and just the right amount of sand between your toes. It was hot but so windy...a perfect beach day! The sun sat at 7:35pm to the right of the ceremony which casted a orange glow on the happy couple, their guest and wedding party. Right after the ceremony, we spent some time capturing Brandi and Ira in front of the sunset for some intimate photos. Much like this couple, they are my favorite!

Ira, so sweet and gentle, wore a dark tuxedo with a white and soft pink rose with bare feet, which was the perfect way to be on a beach. If I could have imagined Brandi dressed up before I saw her actually in her dress, I would pictured her exactly how she was. She wore a formfitting mermaid-style dress with a mid-length veil. She was BEAUTIFUL!!!

The wedding party, covered in soft blue flowing dresses with pink and white flowers and matching tuxedos fit the beach theme perfectly! Jami, Brandi's older sister, handmade the bouquets and boutonnieres. What a sweet touch! The whole day was full of love, laughter, and friendship! I am truly so blessed to have been invited to such an amazing event with so many wonderful friends. Before finishing up our night, we did an "exit" which involved sparklers. I recruited one of their friends to help "backlight" the couple running through the burning sparklers and he NAILED IT! Super thankful for him! Shoutout to Kris!

Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of this day! I am truly thankful and honored! Congratulations, Brandi & Ira! Love you guys!



Anna Findley Photography


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