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Claire Ann | Sweet September Memories | Anna Findley Photography | Greenville, Alabama

Fall. Cooler mornings and warmer Alabama afternoons make for some perfect Fall weather. As we begin our season of colored leaves blowing in the wind, Claire will start a new season of her own as she will begin a role as "big sister" in the next few weeks. Every time she sees me, she pulls her shirt up and shows me where "the baby" is.

This beautiful blonde, curly-haired, blue-eyed two year old had a great afternoon with "Aunt Anna", or "Nant Nanas", which I am often referred to! Hey, I'm not complaining! I absolutely love it!

Our afternoon started out with a casual wagon ride through the neighborhood and quickly led into picking flowers for her Mommy. Every flower she pulled from the stem, she would put it close to her nose and smell it as if she were standing in the middle of a candle aisle, smelling each one so curiously.

Claire sat and posed today, as I kept telling her we were taking "big girl" pictures to surprise her Mom and Dad. She seem to be so excited and couldn't wait to see her own smiling face on the camera screen. After watching the yellow butterflies fly by, a small case of fire ants, and showing off that "big cheese", we hoped back in the wagon and called it a day!

We really had a great day! I look forward to the next time!

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