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Hello wedding season! We opened the 2020 wedding season up with Victoria and Clarence! Talking about a good "almost Spring" weather day! It was beautiful! I've known Clarence & Victoria for years! I think I started photographing their memories almost a decade ago! I knew this day was coming! It's clear how much these two love each other!

What started out as a terrible day turned out to have such a beautiful ending. Clarence fell sick just days before their wedding. I got a call the night before their wedding letting me know Clarence was being admitted into the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) with severe pneumonia. At this point, we had no idea if this wedding would take place the very next day. I was nervous and worried...and if I was, I can only imagine how these two and their families felt!

Thankfully, after pushing back the timeline, Clarence was able to make it to the wedding and I must say, it was beautiful! These two tied the knot in Grady, Alabama at The Barn at Pisgah Hill, a venue SO worth the drive! The Barn sits outside of town and it's so quiet. Other than the music and laughter coming from the venue, the only other noise was the crickets chirping and the wind blowing. --A perfect place to get married!

Once we all arrived at the venue, there was no time for chatting! We jumped into "wedding mode"! Victoria started hair & makeup and I began documenting the day. I remember making the comment "These flowers smell so good!" In the several dozens of other weddings I've photographed, there was something special about these flowers! The aroma knocked me in the face when I first stepped into the venue. If I could have taken an entire centerpiece home, I would have! Not only did they smell like the best lit candle, but they were so beautifully arranged!

As Victoria sat in room getting hair and makeup fixed, I could tell she was a ball of emotions. She was tired from being in the hospital all night with Clarence but she was also nervous and impatiently waiting to see her Groom. Though he didn't feel well, I must say he dressed the part and looked great! Quickly after the Bride and Groom were ready, we started the ceremony at 5:12PM.

'Cue the music!

Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Hudson

Just as the sun began to set, Victoria & Clarence started their reception. It was a cool night but just right, I think. With barely any clouds on the sky and a full moon, we cut the cakes, enjoyed the buffet, toasted with ice cold water and mingled with friends and family. It was the perfect ending to such a long day. Victoria did get to dance with her Father, which to me, was one of the sweetest dances! This family is so sweet! I'm sure you can tell that just by looking at the photos!

Clarence & Victoria, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your wedding day! I wish you both nothing but the best in your lives as you two have just become ONE! I enjoyed spending time with you both and your family and friends! You are both blessed with such a wonderful support system! I know you will do great things together as Mr. & Mrs. Congratulations!!



Photographer: Anna Findley | Anna Findley Photography


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