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Another beautiful couple...officially married! Early last year, we hosted a wedding contest to help a lucky Bride and Groom with their big day! Whitney and Talon were our winners! This sweet couple planned their beautiful Spring wedding and sadly, the coronavirus took over, forcing them to push the day back several months. I've seen other couples feel so defeated and feeling so upset because of COVID-19 but not Whitney and Talon. This sweet couple continued on their journey and patiently waited for their moment of joy.

With much excitement, Whitney and Talon tied the knot on December 26, 2020, surrounded by family and friends. It was a chilly holiday weekend but still, the weather turned out so perfectly. Just enough sun to warm the day but just enough chill to bring the 12-26 wedding date to life. It was beautiful and I was so thrilled to see these two finally get married! They deserved the beautiful day they were blessed with!

This couple tied the knot at The Lodge overlooking Sherling Lake. With an outdoor ceremony, the sunset made a beautiful sun-kissed look on Whitney and Talon. Whitney made her way to the ceremony by a horse and carriage, and that's when the tears started. It was so beautiful to witness. I even caught Talon in awe as she made her way down the long hill. All eyes were on her grand entrance and what a beautiful moment it was!

After the ceremony, Whitney got to video chat with her Grandmother, who is in the nursing home. Back when we photographed Whitney's bridal portraits, I had the chance to meet her sweet Grandmother and my oh my, she was a beauty! She has such a sweet soul and I felt such comfort being around a beautiful woman such as herself. I couldn't help but to cry and Whitney had a moment with her Grandmother. It's evident these two have an unbreakable bond!

The VanCors celebrated their night and exited on the same horse and carriage ride. Just alike a fairytale! I know this wasn't exactly the Spring wedding they dreamt of but I believe the day work out exactly how it was suppose to! It truly was beautiful and I am so honored to be a part of their wedding day!


Congratulations, Whitney and Talon! Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your big day! We will you a lifetime of happiness!

xoxo, Anna

Anna Findley Photography

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